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Sysco’s AI Challenge combined generative AI and Sysco’s simulation technologies have led to the creation of 7 bold new works.

Sysco Productions and Outernet demonstrate the potential of generative AI for the creation of immersive experiences.

Sysco Productions, the creative technologists behind immersive experiences such as Battersea Power Station Lift 109, Formula 1 Touring Exhibition and the multinational Harry Potter Exhibition, have released the outcomes of a unique Creative R&D experiment.

In partnership with Outernet London, Goldsmiths University of London and University College London, they have challenged students and alumni from Goldsmiths’ Computational Arts and UCL’s Digital Media masters courses to produce short digital immersive experiences in a week, using a wide range of generative AI platforms and Sysco’s unique Audio Visual Simulation Technology, which created an exact digital twin of Outernet’s Now Trending space.

The combination of generative AI and Sysco’s simulation technologies have led to the creation of 7 bold new works. These works were showcased at Outernet on the 5th September, and it was followed by an expert panel discussion on the implications of this experiment for the future of the immersive experience industry, hosted by Chris Michaels, the project’s Executive Producer and Director of Chris Michaels Digital Advisory.

This panel was a chance for an industry audience to hear about these new work methods from the creators who’ve made these fantastic art pieces, and for them to discuss the creative approaches that they’ve learnt from being involved in this project, to reflect on the different tools they used and how AI began to influence and change their way of working.

We also heard from Alexandra Payne, Head of Creative at Outernet Global, who introduced the amazing venue; Dr. Chris Rhodes, Lecturer in Digital Media Production at UCL Knowledge Lab; James Wallman, founder of the World Experience Organisation; and finally, Alex Wilcox, the Visualization Engineer at Sysco who works closely with Sysco’s unique AV Simulator.

The broader industry will benefit through the stability and affordability that this approach will provide to the creation of immersive experiences, making them more sustainable and enabling the industry to take bigger creative risks and create new offerings.

For jobs, this project does have the potential to continue the displacement of jobs that is already being realised through the adoption of generative-AI. However, we strongly believe that this innovation will enable people within creative roles to be more productive and thus, create more and better experiences. Whilst in the short-term this may seem negative for the workforce, we believe that ultimately this platform will have a positive impact on productivity and thus the economy and jobs.

This project will engage with students and therefore it will have a positive impact on their education. The output of the innovation will also be to creative immersive-experiences, some of which will be for educational purposes, such as museum exhibitions.

“Generative AI looks like it might be the technology that reshapes EVERYTHING. The Sysco Creative AI Challenge has been an amazing chance to find out what this means for artists and creators and for the wider immersive experiences sector.”
– Chris Michaels, Project Executive Producer

“Outernet is one of the world’s most advanced platforms for storytelling, combining traditional media and emerging technology, allowing our artists, brands and partners to execute their creative vision on a scale like never before. We’re passionate about creating immersive digital experiences and are proud to partner with Sysco, UCL and Goldsmiths University to provide our innovative platform to this next generation of creatives.”
– Alexandra Payne, Head of Creative, Outernet London


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