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The Loch Ness Centre tells the complex and intersecting stories of sightings, expeditions, beliefs, science, hoaxes and the media phenomenon.

In 1933 the manageress of a quiet hotel close to the shores of Loch Ness saw a “water beast” as she drove home.

Within weeks her story had fuelled a world wide sensation that continues to this day. The Drumnadrochit Hotel Aldie Mackay managed is now The Loch Ness Centre, the starting point for the legend and, for decades, the centre of operations leading the search for the truth behind the monster legend.

The new visitor experience tells the complex and intersecting stories of sightings, expeditions, beliefs, science, hoaxes and the media phenomenon that has held the world’s attention for almost a hundred years.

Guests become part of The Quest as they sift through the evidence and decide what they think lies behind the thousands of reported sightings.

The 1 hour journey takes guests through 500 million years of history as they delve deep into the formation of the majestic landscape, ancient Scottish myths and legends, scientific research and stories of the search for “Nessie”.

Some hoaxes are revealed and genuine unanswered questions explored.

The experience carefully balances the theories of believers and scientific evidence with an entertaining and accessible narrative delivered with irrepressible curiosity by David Tennent.

The story begins in the hotel’s reception, taking guests back to the 1930s grandeur of this old building. Guests explore pthe rooms pictures and objects whilst they wait for the tour to begin. Guests pose for a photo before a secret door is opened and they’re journey begins beyond the bookcase.

This Majestic Place

Guests enter a cave looking out over the loch. The view transforms into an awe inspiring journey through the epic geological origins of Loch Ness.

Myths & Legends

Through billowing mist guests enter to be taken on a magical animated journey through the world of Scottish folklore.

People & Stories

A convivial barman welcomes guests to make themselves comfortable from behind his bar and regales them with the strange events that have been happening. Characters enter the bar and tell their stories. As word gets out chaos ensues and guests witness a local legend become a global phenomena.

Waters of the Loch

Entering a tall rocky gorge an exciting underwater expedition begins, putting the guest at the centre of the action observing details of the loch through a giant window with an occasional ‘swish of the tail’…

Search for Truth

Adrian Shine walks out on the deck of his boat and begins to describe his long search for the truth in Loch Ness, presenting real contraptions he created and used along the way.

The Debate

Now in the hotel lounge a mirror above the fire place flickers and the barman appears, to guide guests through the evidence presented so far. Once all the evidence is presented guests are asked to vote on what they believe.

Keep Looking

Guests explore the latest news, loch cameras and eye witness accounts, as well as picking up they’re photo from the photo op whilst being encouraged to Keep Looking!

We believe the Loch Ness Centre to be an innovative new immersive visitor experience because:

It presents a new ‘balanced’ storyline with evidence on both sides of the Nessie debate on what is a 500+ year old unsolved mystery.

Guests are invited on a quest to explore and make up their own minds as to the phenomena and empowered with a vote to express their opinion.

We present an immersive audio visual walkthrough journey that reconnects the story with the very building and 1930’s time period it began.

The centre has become a ‘call to action’ as much as a visitor centre for guests to come and help solve the mystery.

Integrating the work of Adrian Shine, his findings, expeditions, etc within the building he continues to carry out his work gives the centre a level of credibility in the subject.

The integration of these factors along with the fact the story is about a legendary monster we believe has culminated into a truly unique and innovative visitor experience.


Continuum Attraction – Client
Heritage Interactive – Media Developers
Dom Jones – Composer
Elmwood Projects – Fit-out Contractor

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