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The Vampire Circus is an astonishing performance that defies the limits of human physicality, leaving audiences utterly amazed.

The Vampire Circus is not your average show—it’s a mesmerizing fusion of circus cabaret and theater, born from the creative lovechild of Tim Burton and Cirque du Soleil. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary night of live entertainment, brought to life by an international cast of performers who seamlessly blend theater, dance, and gymnastics.

This astonishing performance defies the limits of human physicality, leaving audiences utterly amazed, astounded, and astonished. Expect to witness spine-tingling Cirque acrobatics, whimsical audience interactions, mind-bending contortionists, dazzling jugglers, gravity-defying acrobats, and mischievous clowns. With captivating sounds and enchanting illusions, it’s a roller-coaster ride of emotions, oscillating between fear and joy, laughter and wonder, punctuated by thunderous cheers for the ‘Mad Graveyard Clown.’

This 90-minute immersive journey delves deep into the world of the Underworld and Vampires, inspired by the mystical allure of legendary traveling carnivals. Conceived by Francisco Santos, CEO founder and Cirque du Soleil veteran performer, the story unfolds in 19th-century Bohemia. Count Dracula hatches a sinister plan for world domination, disguising it as a traveling circus with his loyal gypsy bodyguards. This circus serves as the perfect cover for his global reign of terror, as he seeks to transform humans into an army of vampires.

The Vampire Circus goes beyond mere entertainment; it’s a hypnotic experience that breaks the fourth wall, immersing the audience completely. You won’t just watch—it will feel like you’re living it, with the performance happening around you and even within you at times.

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