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TwinkleTwinkleStar offers a user controlled experience that allows guests to customize the party room experience according to their expectations

Get ready for the first disruptor to the location based party room in decades.

Party rooms in entertainment and amusement locations have long been just a staging space where you eat pizza and cake before moving on to the attraction that brought you to the center in the first place. Now, the party room is about to become as much an attraction as whatever else the center has to offer in entertainment and diversion.

TwinkleTwinkleStar offers a user controlled experience that allows guests to customize the party room experience according to their expectations. Users can select a lighting scheme that is static or interactive to selected music and colors that match any number of themes. Guests interact with TwinkleTwinkleStar through a push button activated or touch-sensitive panel, allowing them to influence the patterns and colors displayed. Wireless capabilities allow guests to curate the sounds and songs that provide the background to their event. Beyond the dazzling visuals and mood enhancing sounds, we’re bringing scent into the mix. Users will have the option to up the wow factor with olfactory choices that complement their chosen experience.

TwinkleTwinkleStar can offer a variety of pre-programmed events. For example, our Happy Birthday Event will offer a template of possibilities to celebrate a birthday. Birthday themed musical selections can be combined with a full selection of color choices, but as the event is triggered, a scent dispenser will mist the room with the scent of vanilla cake.

Popular event templates will provide a blueprint for fun, but the real beauty is that patrons don’t have to be constricted to a one size fits all experience by any means. For guests with sensory sensitivities, this can be a way to bring comfort and enjoyment together. Eliminate one of the elements, lower the lighting levels or avoid moving lights, choose music that is appealing or select ambient sounds instead- all of these options and their countless combinations mean a guest-tailored experience that will accommodate the needs of many.

TwinkleTwinkleStar Party room

There are thousands of family entertainment centers, many with multiple rooms available as party spaces. TwinkleTwinkleStar can be onboarded in these locations with ease adding an exciting new dynamic to their business. In many venues, these party spaces see most of their action during the day time hours with children’s party business. With TwinkleTwinkleStar, these rooms will have a versatility that will allow operators and owners to capitalize on these spaces in a whole new way.

As the day time party business winds down, a TwinkleTwinkleStar room is reinvented into a whole new space. Whereas operators have previously looked to theme these spaces with a party look or decor, the experience is the space now. With TwinkleTwinkleStar, a space undergoes a metamorphosis to an evening vibe with adult appeal. Create a karaoke space, a wizarding school, a Prohibition era speakeasy, a frenzied sports stadium- the possibilities truly can be endless. Party rooms can become VIP dining spaces that are highly customizable for a variety of events and celebrations. The novelty and adaptability of the space creates a unique and customizable opportunity for social media influencers, corporate and community events and training opportunities. Integrating TwinkleTwinkleStar into an existing business landscape allows owners to monetize and capitalize on previously underutilized spaces.

TwinkleTwinkleStar Party room table

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. The LED lighting fixtures used in our installation are energy efficient, minimizing environmental impact. TwinkleTwinkleStar’s visual aspects allow a neutral space to be converted in an optical wonderland without need for disposable decorative items or other material alterations of the space.

This patent pending experience combines cutting edge technology, artistic innovation and sustainability that will transform the basic party room into an attraction in its own right.

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