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Introducing ValoArena—the world’s first unattended, 6-player mixed-reality arena.

A Game-Changing Revolution in the Attraction Industry:-

Imagine stepping into a vibrant space where the barrier between the digital and real world is blurred, where technology breathes life into imagination, and where players don’t just play but live the game. Introducing ValoArena—the world’s first unattended, 6-player mixed-reality arena. Forget traditional, isolating VR experiences that only allow interaction with on-screen avatars because we’re changing the game here. Leveraging our groundbreaking proprietary full-body 3D motion tracking technology, ValoArena actively encourages players to talk, laugh, and see each other while sharing moments of pure, uninterrupted active fun. And as they immerse themselves physically in the digital game, two towering screens on either side of the play arena allow them to easily see a real-time image of themselves within the game world, without losing sight of their surroundings.

Chris Kimlingen, Manager of Operations at RPM Raceway, New York, puts it the best – “ValoArena games are really funny. You’re watching people jumping around looking ridiculous and just having fun.”

Officially launched last September at the IAAPA Expo in London, UK, ValoArena is not just a new attraction category in the market but also a proven business powerhouse for operators globally. It has won multiple industry accolades, including IAAPA’s Best New Product – Brass Ring Award in the ‘Virtual and Augmented Reality’ category and received a ‘highly commended’ designation from Park World Magazine in its ‘FEC Project of the Year’ category. In its inaugural year alone, 47 units have been sold across over 14 countries.

A Win-Win for Players and Operators:-

ValoArena is fully automated, striking the perfect balance by offering high throughput without requiring wearables, wires, or controllers—and all with zero staffing costs. This user-friendly design transforms it into a multiplayer attraction where guests can simply step in and play. Currently, ValoArena features five high-quality, family-oriented games with multiple levels. Among these is the fan-favorite ‘Groundfall,’ a modern twist on the childhood classic “The Floor is Lava.”

For operators, ValoArena is a dream come true. It allows seamless group experiences without the need for onboarding, wiring, or introduction sessions. This flexibility makes it easy to host a variety of events, from birthdays to company retreats. Spectators can effortlessly follow along with the action, either inside the arena or via screens positioned above it. ValoArena’s benefits extends to a holistic service package that includes 24/7 customer care, lifetime access to games and updates, as well as tools for branding and user statistics.

A Future-Proof Investment:-

Investing in ValoArena means investing in longevity and reliability. It’s a powerhouse that drives operators’ business success. With a throughput of 90 players per hour and average game sessions of just 4 minutes, operators can anticipate a high turnover. Additionally, the design, built from top-tier materials, guarantees low operational costs and high uptime, eliminating the need for wearables or dedicated staff. The arena also supports a diverse range of monetization strategies, from open access and single-ticket purchases to reservation modes. It is compatible with a variety of payment methods, including RFIDs, bracelets, coins, and tokens.

But ValoArena isn’t just about immediate gains as we have designed it for the long haul. Its replay value is unmatched, thanks to constant updates and new releases that are automatically integrated to keep the product fresh and engaging. Plus, ValoArena enhances user engagement with its built-in video booth feature. Players can easily capture and share gameplay moments, each video comes with the venue’s branding, further amplifying your brand’s visibility with each share.

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