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View Boston is a 59,000 square-foot experience offering locals and visitors 360-degree breathtaking views of the city skyline.

Float4 delivered an accessible series of innovative and captivating interactive media exhibits for View Boston, the newly opened observatory located atop the iconic Prudential Tower in Boston, Massachusetts. The 59,000 square-foot experience offers locals and visitors alike 360-degree breathtaking views of the city skyline, while each multimedia installation takes them on a unique and personalized journey through the city’s rich history and vibrant culture.

In collaboration with JRA, Float4 designed, produced and delivered eight multimedia exhibits featuring interactive creative content. These exhibits, enhanced with interactive creative content, were complemented by the development of a data-driven microsite, a tailored content management system, an intuitive audio guide, and three additional multimedia installations at the entry of the observatory.

Firstly, accessibility and inclusivity were the driving forces during the development of this project. Float4 had to ensure that the experience was not only user-friendly but also accessible to everyone, regardless of physical, technological, or language barriers. The emphasis on accessibility was apparent right from the project’s inception and a key element carried throughout the development. The challenge extended to crafting an engaging experience that would captivate first-time city explorers eager to delve into the city’s rich history and culture, while simultaneously offering something enticing for locals eager to uncover new dimensions of their beloved city. Equally challenging was the task of creating an experience that catered to all age groups, captivating and entertaining young children while providing adults with equally delightful moments.

In addressing the goals of inclusivity and accessibility, Float4 diligently tackled any potential barriers or difficulties that visitors might encounter during their journey.
To overcome accessibility hurdles, a variety of solutions were implemented across all exhibits. Firstly, each interface offers an option to adjust the interactive menu’s height to accommodate those with physical limitations. Moreover, text-to-speech functionality was integrated into all content pieces, offered in English, alongside an audio player assistance application. This guarantees that visitors requiring visual assistance can navigate the experience seamlessly, not missing any crucial elements. Additionally, all exhibits were meticulously developed to adhere to the WCAG AA accessibility standards, ensuring a higher level of satisfaction

To tackle technological challenges, standardizing the design system and functionality was paramount to enable visitors to intuitively explore the extensive content within each exhibit. Float4 introduced error avoidance strategies, making standardized user interfaces user-friendly for individuals with varying levels of knowledge. Furthermore, a step-by-step video detailing the usage and functionality of the ViewPrint system was created and integrated at the beginning of the visitor journey, ensuring a fulfilling experience.

Finally, to break down language barriers for international visitors, all content across each exhibit, as well as all user interfaces, was translated into nine languages. In the Explore Boston exhibit alone, you’ll find more than 350 landmarks and points of interest, each accompanied by descriptive text available in those nine languages.

Additionally, to ensure there was something of interest for every visitor, Float4 created 12 content categories spanning Arts and Culture, Parks & Recreation, Made in Boston, Architecture, and Children’s Favorites, among others. Research played a pivotal role here, ensuring that while the city’s most renowned monuments and historical events were highlighted, more thorough research would offer locals new discoveries, such as hidden culinary gems or local breweries they have not yet uncovered.

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