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A groundbreaking visitor user interface experience designed for operators of attractions, destinations, leisure, cultural and hospitality properties.

VUIX AI (pronounced View AI) is a groundbreaking visitor user interface experience distinctly designed for operators of attractions, destinations, leisure, cultural and hospitality properties. Developed by artificial intelligence professionals and attractions industry experts, VUIX AI automates daily operational conversations and drives guest engagement via an experiential digital avatar.

How It Works

Utilizing VUIX AI’s turn-key interactive kiosks, or any existing display device, users can ask a property-specific question via speech or text message and receive a response via a live avatar on the kiosk screen. Questions can be asked, and answers can be provided in 20+ languages, with additional languages available upon request.

Operators are able to leverage the powerful AI technology to integrate informational, wayfinding, point-of-sale, reservation, and management systems. Guests and employees can receive informational responses, related media content, and sales portals based on an endless variety of property-related questions. Operators can control the content delivered to guests and can customize the live avatar’s appearance, voice and tone, providing immersive, character-driven storytelling opportunities with their intellectual property.


VUIX AI provides a variety of benefits to guests and operators, depending on how the technology is utilized at a property.

As an operational tool, VUIX AI intelligently automates daily interactions with guests, which can help decrease the length of queue lines, optimize labor efficiency, enhance guest accessibility, and drive sales channels. Additionally, operators can utilize VUIX AI to support their back-of-house teams with daily management and maintenance tasks. As an experiential product, VUIX AI can be used in queue lines, rides, attractions, exhibits, and live shows, to provide conversational, content-specific storytelling to guests in real-time.

Regardless of the use-case, a core mission of VUIX AI is to help operators enhance inclusion and accessibility at properties around the world. With the increase of global travel, the multilingual functionality that VUIX AI can provide is more important than ever before. With speech and text message input and output capability, sight, vocal and hearing-impaired guests can all receive an operational experience as best fit for their needs. Guests with accessibility considerations can utilize the real-time conversational functionality to determine an on-site experience tailored to their own wayfinding and experiential needs. Guests with severe food-based allergies can receive allergen specific menus and recommendations for on-site restaurants. With VUIX AI, operators are now able to offer unprecedented inclusion and accessibility at their properties, providing a frictionless experience for all guests. In the future, VUIX AI looks forward to enhancing the product with additional accessibility functionalities.

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