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The retail and restaurant spaces have been master planned and designed with theming, sculptures and props to continue the Studio Tour journey.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter opened on Friday 16th June with fans coming from across the globe to experience the magic. The Studio Tour is the first of its kind in Asia and offers visitors the chance to discover the behind-the-scenes secrets that went into creating one of the most successful film series of all time. Fans are invited to step into spellbinding sets, see authentic costumes and come face to face with magical creatures from the Harry Potter films, all created by the original Harry Potter filmmakers.

The retail and restaurant spaces have all been master planned and designed by Lumsden, the award-winning company specialising in retail and hospitality design for cultural and visitor attractions in collaboration with Warner Bros. and Studio MinaLima, the graphic artists of the Harry Potter films, with theming, sculptures and props by makers Cod Steaks. The vision was to create spaces that connect seamlessly with the Studio Tour journey and continue the storytelling with references to the films, photo opportunities and theming.

“Having collaborated with Warner Bros. since 2011, we wanted to raise the bar for experiential retail and dining in a visitor attraction. Through meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail, we have crafted spellbinding spaces that immerse visitors in the captivating world of Harry Potter and connects fans with their profound passion for the stories. Mindful of resonating with the local market, the designs seamlessly weave together the magic and wonder of the Wizarding World with the time-honoured traditions and cutting-edge innovation that define Japanese retail. Lumsden are immensely proud of our collaboration with the Warner Bros. team and the part we played in bringing this ambitious and remarkable experience to life”,” said James Dwyer, Owner and Creative Director of Lumsden.

Main Retail:

At 13,000sq ft, the main shop is the largest Harry Potter store in the world. Inside, visitors can explore 11 magical themed areas inspired by Wizarding World locations, sets and props.

Platform 9 3/4 Retail:

At the half-way point of the Studio Tour, the Railway Shop at Kings Cross Platform 9 ¾, offers everything you need before boarding the Hogwarts Express.

The Food Hall:

The Food Hall is inspired by Hogwarts’ iconic Great Hall, the space is designed to feel grand and imposing whilst evoking a sense of awe and magic before visitors embark on their Studio Tour. A gothic hammerbeam roof soars overhead, illuminated by hundreds of enchanted floating candles, and either side of the central aisle, long rows of refectory tables await, with the Hogwarts house banners suspended high above, offering visitors a unique opportunity to experience dining at their very own house table for the first time.

Frog Café:

Adjacent to the Food Hall is the Frog Café, with an elegant design inspired by the magical Chocolate Frog treats that students enjoy on the Hogwarts Express. The design features a pair of enormous, pentagonal themed seating booths, inspired by the iconic Chocolate Frog packaging, originally designed for the first Harry Potter film, providing an enchanting photo opportunity.

Backlot Café:

The Backlot Café is situated at the halfway point of the Studio Tour. Having been immersed in the sets and stories of Hogwarts, the Café continues this storytelling with three themed areas inspired by teachers and classes of Hogwarts. These include Professor Sprout and Snape’s classrooms and a space to host afternoon teas inspired by Professor Umbridge. Designed to feel inviting, relaxing, and calm, it’s the perfect place to refresh and recharge.

Butterbeer Bar:

The Butterbeer Bar is located outside in the Backlot opposite Privet Drive and the Knight Bus, and is themed to a Butterbeer brewery. Guests see the bubbling amber liquid flow along copper pipes from enormous copper stills to wooden barrels, from which Butterbeer is served in souvenir tankards.


Client: Warner Bros. Discovery
Exhibition Design: Thinkwell
Branding & Graphic Design: Studio MinaLima
Theming, sculptures and props: Cod Steaks

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