Wiegand Xslide – the World’s first crossing in a waterslide

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Introducing a a new slide combination – the World’s first crossing in a waterslide.

Now the dream of a new slide combination is finally possible – the crossing. Inspired by children’s marble runs, Wiegand.Waterrides has now developed this element which is extremely attractive, especially visually, and which will attract everyone’s attention, especially from above, e.g. down from the stair tower.

The slide guests travel through the crossing at great speed, only to cross the same passage again after a turn. Safe operation is guaranteed here. Guests take their seats in 2 or even 3-person boats and an entry lock and traffic lights regulate the operation.

More than one crossing desired? This is also possible with a clever programming of a conveyor belt, which transports the passengers at the start into the water slide in a precisely timed manner. The second crossing is controlled by an uphill track with water pressure and several sensors. Similar to modern roller coasters, the track is thus divided into sections (blocks) in which only one boat can stay at a time. In addition, exciting theming is possible with elaborate GRP patterns, themed elements, Wie-Spray water surprises and the innovative Wie-Glow black light technique!

Ready to cross? Wiegand Xslide!


Sales: Simon Baron
CEO: Hendrik Wiegand
Slide Path Design: Stefan Sigron

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