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Windsor Great Park Illuminated, delivering a new trail design that combined creative storytelling with interactive show experiences & AV spectaculars.

LCI Productions transformed the event experience for Windsor Great Park Illuminated, delivering a new trail design that combined creative storytelling with interactive show experiences and immersive AV spectaculars. These included hydro 3D projection mapping, watershows, holographic forest creatures, floating fairies and motion-tracked fireflies, with LED beacons, architectural lighting and pixel chains connecting the trail experience.

The 2.2km light trail utilised AV elements to improve the flow across the site, increase dwell time, create multiple impacts through value engineering and utilise intelligent features to personalise the experience. LCI’s team of character and concept artists, animators and CG specialists developed a new IP and characters that appeared throughout the trail, to create a connected and memorable experience that would capture guest’s imaginations.

LCI delivered a complex technical design, original media & audio scores, installation, show programming and onsite maintenance throughout the live dates on site. The site differed from other trail locations by providing amazing views across the whole vista. LCI utilised this to value engineer certain aspects of the production, including a trail that loops around the Obelisk Pond, making an impact in both locations, whilst also presenting unique show experiences.

11 distinct zones were created using audio, visual and lighting production that came to life through experiential storytelling. The first section of the trail consisted of an illuminated LED Windsor castle with the trail winding down to an opening of trees lit up with LED batons that fed into The Beacons. The Beacons, were multicoloured LED striplights guiding guests from one pathway to the next, complete with audioscores to enhance the experience.
A watershow encompassing 3D projection mapping, submersible lighting and RGBW uplighters was created on a central pond, which could be appreciated from two viewpoints, the The Lake View and Obelisk Bank, creating two unique show experiences.

The magical element of surprise continued as the trail looped around and guests found themselves in a Fairy Disco. This incorporated innovative use of holofans, mirrored disco balls and laser lights to produce dappled lighting amongst the tree canopy, with an audioscore of disco anthems which the holographic fairies and guests danced to.

LCI added new levels of interactivity and real-time media into the experience, with the Firefly Forest. An infrared camera detected the motion of approaching guests and increased the intensity of the LED lighting nodes that were nestled into the undergrowth, triggering the associated audio sequence. These gave the appearance of fireflies and were programmed with twinkling, glowing patterns.

‘Instagrammable’ moments generated reach on social media, including the LED Tunnel of Light, a 43m long structure wrapped with 72 LED light chains, each consisting of 300 fixtures.

Traditionally, light trails of this nature take place across distinct trails, manicured gardens or level areas. Windsor was not a uniform space, so LCI had ideas of how to enhance certain areas, but ultimately, they had to work with nature and draw inspiration from the surroundings and intricacies of each location.

This non-uniformity worked to the company’s advantage to create a hologram animal sequence using three 5 x 4 metre Holonet gauzes hidden in the forest and completely invisible from the viewing angle of the path. When the media sequence came to life, it gave the illusion of forest creatures existing in 3D space, which then disappeared into the trees on either side.

In total, 60,000 lumens of projections, 100,000 fairy lights, 60,000 pixels, 120 speakers, 400 universes of DMX, 20,000 metres of cable and 19 fairies created this sensational story focused experience. The show was hailed a success with net promoter scores increased with satisfaction up by 119% and the likelihood to recommend up by 53% on previous year.

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