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HOLOGATE BLITZ is the ultimate fusion of virtual reality, motion simulator, and futuristic craft to explore fantastical worlds across land, sky, sea, space, or another dimension.

The introduction of virtual reality has made an immeasurable impact on the entertainment landscape. For the first time ever, players are now active participants inside an 360° limitless space where they can look and move in every direction and have a deep interaction with their environment.

HOLOGATE introduced the world to the multiplayer VR experience with their ARENA platform. Following their overwhelming success, HOLOGATE wanted to then give the player even more freedom of mobility by providing players with a futuristic vehicle to explore worlds in. 

Through a formula of bespoke design, construction, and perfect synchronization of the physical motion and virtual reality graphics pairing, the HOLOGATE BLITZ is a nausea-free platform with buttery smooth and noiseless movement with premium durability to operate continuously in an entertainment venue and able to absorb multiple hits from a laser blaster.

HOLOGATE BLITZ features an elevated cockpit capable of up to 1 meter of vertical lift, 30° degree movement in every direction, and response times of under 16 milliseconds, which is a first for immersive media entertainment simulators.

Other new and innovative features include:

Zero-motion sickness

Proprietary code-design and motion-tracking technology optimized the tracking of the BLITZ simulator and the actual motion data is then embedded into the code of the experiences instead of just a simulated motion estimate. 

Belt drive transmission system 

Using a belt drive system removes the noise, the significant need for maintenance, the mess from the oils, and latent response time typically associated with hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

Dual axis steering 

A single-axis mode for driving, and a dual-axis mode for flying or diving with steer, push, and pull features.

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