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First there were Queues then Virtual Queues and now ZERO Queues. Great innovations are simple and logical.

Queuing is the # 1 guest complaint and nowadays people want everything digital. This is combined in as the ultimate capacity management and guest experience solution.
It provides a digital app that the guests use to plan and book an itinerary with timeslots for the gate, all rides, shows and F&B for a perfect stress and hassle free day out with the assurance of enjoying their favorite attractions.

At the time of booking online or even still onsite the visitors provide their party details for marketing purposes and rides qualification.

Knowing the # of visitors on any given day and time makes that park can plan in advance.

Moreover, the system spreads the guests throughout the park optimizing the capacity up to 20%, while in-park spending, and guest satisfaction are increased leading to raving reviews and repeat visits. The physical experience is enhanced to include pre and post visit.

Parks will appreciate the flexibility of the system as they can chose the allowable # of rides per stay, the allowable percentage of guests making reservations and the maximum wait times. 100% participation means a total elimination of queues. Reservations can be charged as up-sell, but surveys show that visitors are in fact also willing to pay a higher entry fee for a queue free experience.

The system can be integrated with any ticketing system and the transformation can be gradual.
As an example, say the combined daily attractions capacity is 420.000 and visitors are allowed a maximum of 7 attractions means 420.000 divided by 7 = 60.000 people can have 7 rides without having to queue. For a total capacity a percentage of non-riders can be added.

Please try out The Experience guest reservation demo here.

TET is a fully webbased suite of applications: Guest planning and booking app, Operations Management, Queue Management, CRM, HRM, ecommerce, Digital tickets and access. Guests can manage and plan their visit in the way all expect when we whant to enhance the quality of life by digital services. Said in marketing terms; It’s Me2B- I the guest tell you B how we whant to experience and thus not the old analoge B2C model.

TET can cover all guests and not just max 10% of the guests in a park like the other queueing solutions on the market. Besides diffrences in the IT solution and concept of TET, the reason is the way guests can plan and book rides/attractions.  In TET guests select a day and what time they arrive and what time they plan to leave the attraction and then what rides and attraction they wants to experience. Within that time frame TET spread out the time slots for the rides evenly out between time and rides,

That ensures the optimal guest load on the different rides and thereby it’s possible to increase the ride capacity and there will be no build up of long queues in front of the most popular rides and low or little queues at other rides. Even the guests in the publich spaces will be spread out evenly through out the park. Of that simple reason that many of the guests who stand in front of rides are members of the family/groups that are riding or queuing.

TET is a Data Driven solution meaning that all data colleted about the guests and their journey in the attraction are stored and can be used for marketing.

However, the data has also a huge importance for tracking and tracing guests during a pandemic like Covid 19. TET or the attractions using TET can tell the authorities the name, email and the excact time a guest has riden a ride and together with whom i.e. on the whole train and not only the members of the group she belongs to.

This is not just important for the authorities but gives the guests the feeling of beeing take well care of and feel safe when visiting. All tickets are issued with name and alike, so it’s a good insurence against ticket fraud. In the real world it’s a Digital life and no one is queueing anymore. All is arranged and planned in advance.

Welcome to the future. Already today.

More information can be found here.


Unlimited Leisure and CEO Kees Albers

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