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Located in the Glòries Tower, designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel and one of the most iconic buildings in the Barcelona skyline, Mirador Torre Glòries (MTG) is the first of a new generation of observation decks that reinterprets the conventional observation deck model.

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An unprecedent storytelling that, levered by new multi-disciplinary spaces that brings together art, science, technology and environmental awareness, calls the visitor to see, understand and reimagine the cities from a new different perspective.

Aligned with the climate and sustainability challenges that humanity must face in the coming decade, MTG offers visitors a journey that invites them to take a conscious and responsible look at the urban ecosystem that surrounds them.

The storytelling of the MTG is the backbone of all this experience and it is based on the idea that urban ecosystems can be understood as an enormous and fragile network in which an infinite number of elements converge. These elements tend towards equilibrium through the constant interrelationships, dependencies and frictions that are generated among them. Any small alteration in this equilibrium, however small, has an impact on all the other elements that make it up. Barcelona is the canvas on which to project this narrative and on which to look at it with this new perspective, sensitivity and understanding.

The city and the unique 360º views over Barcelona at 410 ft high of the observation deck are the keystone of the storytelling. Nevertheless, the arc that culminates in this keystone is built in two previous and complementary experiential spaces: the Hyperview and the sculpture ‘Cloud Cities Barcelona’.

The Hiperview, located in the basement of the tower and the first part of the visit, is a space in which different multi-disciplinary artistic installations give us real-time information about the city. As if the tower were an antenna that captures the pulse of the city, these installations are like instruments that allow us to interpret all the data generated by the city. Understanding the city as a living organism, we can hear the voice of the city, feel its heartbeat, and see the daily dance of all the elements that make it up.

The Hyperview is connected with the observation deck with a speed elevator. Nevertheless, the views over Barcelona are not the only ones that welcome the visitor. Suspended from the dome is the walkable sculpture by contemporary artist Tomás Saraceno ‘Cloud Cities Barcelona’. As the only permanent installation in southern Europe by Saraceno, ‘Cloud Cities Barcelona’ is a large-format multi-sensory sculpture that invites visitors to reflect on cities and the interconnection that exists between the elements that comprise the urban ecosystem. It can be understood as the tangibilization of the storytelling of the MTG.

Mirador torre Glòries

Finally, the journey comes to an end. The city, understood as a complex network of connections and interrelationships, is presented to the visitor who will now look at it, understand it, and reimagine it like never before.


Mirador Torre Glòries is the first of a new generation of observation decks and represents an innovative breakthrough in the way of understanding and interacting with observation decks and the urban ecosystem.

  • First observation deck worldwide to have a storytelling.
  • A storytelling based on a transcendent global concern and aligned with the challenges humans, as a global society, must face in the coming years.
  • The way in which the storytelling narrative is articulated allows it to be appreciated in the same way and with the same satisfaction by both the most generalist audience and the most sophisticated and specialised audiences.
  • Multidisciplinary installations in which art, technology, science and environmental awareness dialogue on the same level with each other and with the city.
  • Art Data in real time to create an experience of leisure as well as reflection and awareness.
  • Referring to the sculpture ‘Cloud Cities Barcelona’ by Tomás Saraceno, it is top level contemporary art available for the interaction with all visitors, no matter their background, and fundamental part of the experience as keystone of the Mirador Torre Glòries storytelling.
Mirador torre Glòries
  • Recovers the communication role that towers have historically played in human societies.
  • A choral and multidisciplinary project in which more than 15 public institutions of the city of Barcelona have collaborated in order to generate all the contents that nourish the journey through the observation deck.
  • An experience of reflection that, disguised as a leisure experience, gets extended beyond the visit.
  • Balance between entertainment, art, science, technology, and environmental engagement: leisure attractions, understood as experiences aligned with the concerns of today’s society, as levers of change.

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