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Satisfi Labs’ Animal Assistant was launched in April 2022 to elevate the guest journey for those attending zoos and aquariums.

In addition to answering questions surrounding ticketing, hours of operation, and memberships, the innovative AI technology also helps guests find animals on-site and learn more about each species. The Animal Assistant brings the guest journey of zoo and aquarium visitors to the next level by adding creative and educational elements to Satisfi’s seamless, 24/7 solutions.

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One of Satisfi’s most exciting launches took place in April when they introduced the Animal Assistant. Animal Assistant is one of the company’s newest AI solutions that serves as an expert in helping guests at zoos and aquariums. Along with answering more general questions about topics like the hours of operation and how to purchase tickets, the tool also helps guests find animals on-site and learn more about each species.

The Animal Assistant takes the zoo and aquarium experience to the next level, making the visitor experience easier to navigate and more conversational. Satisfi Labs’ natural language processing technology allows guests to ask the Animal Assistant about specific animal species and groups of animals in conversational language. For example, guests can ask questions such as, “where is the clouded leopard?” or “what reptiles do you have on-site?” The Animal Assistant also shares fun facts and educational information with guests, as well as guided experience opportunities. Satisfi’s technology quickly and accurately trains assistants to provide animal and habitat knowledge so zoos and aquariums can better communicate with guests.

satisfi labs animal assisstant

Satisfi Labs was determined to create a product that helped visitors access information about animals and find animals faster during their visit, without having to rely on paper maps or searching the website. The Animal Assistant can also drive customers to other activities and experiences related to the requested animal, such as learning about animal feedings or making a donation to support a specific habitat.

The Animal Assistant has helped elevate guests’ experience and contribute to a more positive visit to zoos and aquariums overall. The AI platform powers expert Assistants on webchat, messaging apps, and voice assistants; and the Assistants can answer customer questions automatically and on-demand.

The platform is being implemented in various zoos across the nation, starting with Zoo Atlanta. This exciting new platform improves the guest journey experience as it provides assistance both before guests arrive at the zoos and aquariums, as well as while they are there. Satisfi’s skilled technology provides the results zoos and aquariums need, and their usage of data and AI are inventively changing the guest journey experience. Satisfi’s implementation of data into their AI assistants permits the technology to cater to guests in useful, inventive, and fun ways.

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