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With a mission of maximizing the joy for every guest, the Vantage platform helps operators to create joy within the parks, customizing the guest experience on rides and for all the “in-between rides” moments.

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How the guest experiences a park starts long before they step foot into a park and does not end when they leave the parking lot. However, few venues truly take advantage of how technology can elevate the guest experience leaving positive impressions which last online forever.

Customer habits have changed, digital expectations are higher, and operators now have the tools to meet them by understanding each guest as an individual. This level of personalization is the norm as we navigate the online world and will become the expectation for physical experiences too.

The personalized perspective enables each guest to have a different day from others and opens a range of new experiences. Vantage platform integrates multiple systems and ties all the data to guests which becomes the engine for richer more tailored interactions with a venue.

Interactivity, Engagement and Convenience for the guest that:

The guest is empowered to plan their day by downloading the app before their visit and continuing their interactions during visits through kiosks. It is the freedom, and value that guests need.

  • Seasons passes & waivers are just a click away and all the boring bits are simpler.
  • Queue management, so that guests can enjoy more rides throughout the day.
  • Unifying multiple systems to the guest profile (rides, payments, lockers and pictures), so the experience is seamless and convenient. Helping small moments be more joyful.
Vantage System

By gamifying the park journey with points and badges that can be exchanged for products and discounts, the operator can:

  • Offer an experience that reflects profiles’ needs and wants
  • Improve the experience in each ride. With Vantage everyone knows who won the Mat Racer challenge, for example.
  • Anticipating behavior you increase in-park spending with tailored offers
  • Increase return visits with targeted marketing.
  • Personalized greeting messages before, during and after the visitation so guests feel recognized
Vantage System

Customizing each moment to maximize joy.

  • Guests can choose the colour and music of their preference before each ride and the experience will be customized for each rider.
  • With the geolocation tool, ‘finding friends’ just got easier. Scan the smartband of whom you want and both will be connected on the app map. Now just enjoy the rides together.
  • Push notifications from your park aligned with the guest preferences. You will impress guests by delivering what they want.
  • Every guest photo matters and our high-quality cameras throughout the park will immortalize visitor moments. Facial recognition technology ensures the pictures are available in the guest app.

By meeting customers’ needs and wants and facilitating the journey, Vantage eliminates in-park and beyond-park frictions between operators and guests. It’s an intuitive interface that helps guests make the most of their day, and gives the operator insights that help them drive ROI and rave reviews.

Vantage System

When it comes to guest facing technology that creates new interactive and engaging experiences, Vantage System is what the industry has best. Three important factors makes Vantage System so unique:

  1. Unifying multiple systems to the guest profile (rides, payments, lockers and pictures), so the experience is seamless and convenient. Helping small moments to be more joyful. The guest doesn’t want to know (or doesn’t care) if the lockers or food they’re consuming comes from a third party vendor. Vantage unifies the entire system so that the guest has a seamless experience and the operator receives the correct data from each venue.
  2. By understanding behaviour and collecting the right real-time data, the operator can customized the whole experience for the guest. The guest is empowered to have the experience they want just by downloading the app (IOs and Android) and connecting it to the wristband or RFID card.
  3. Gamification of the experience (loyalty program). Every slide or every interaction within the park, including downloading the app and sharing it on social media, means points for the guest that they can redeem for products and discounts. It’s a win-win where the operator can manage the traffic in the park and interact with the guest like never before and the guest benefits from just having fun and accumulating points.

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