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A media-based multisensory restaurant immersing guests in a unique world through scents, tastes, visuals, acoustics and haptics.

Eatrenalin – The futuristic gastronomy experience for all senses.

Eatrenalin Logo

The idea for Eatrenalin originated from founders and CEOs Oliver Altherr and Thomas Mack after their visit to the Voletarium flying theatre at Europa-Park, which takes visitors on a simulated flight over Europe. The question arose: Could this immersive journey be enhanced by incorporating a distinctive culinary aspect, creating an experience that engages all senses and brings up emotions? From this initial thought, the vision of creating the most thrilling gastronomic adventure in the world arose.

After five years of development the extraordinary fine dining restaurant opened in Rust in November 2022. From the moment the experience begins, guests are immersed in a unique world, using scents, tastes, visuals, acoustics and haptics, travelling through eleven different themed rooms. In these various worlds of indulgence, every sense is stimulated throughout the eight-course menu. The culinary artists combine influences from modern and international cuisines, matching the respective ambience of the scenery in each of the rooms. A highly skilled European team was put together especially for this.

The ‘Restaurant of the Future’ is a firework display for the senses. This is made possible by an impressive interplay of multimedia content, gastronomic excellence and a groundbreaking innovation: the floating chair, patented worldwide.

Eatrenalin, with a total area of 1,600m², merges all of the strengths of Baden family company Mack in an incomparable way: The innovative floating chair from MACK Rides, the immersive virtual media content created by MACK Animation and MackNeXT, as well as the gastronomic expertise of a kitchen team made up of top international chefs. The Berlin production studio T-Rex Classics has developed original music for Eatrenalin, which audibly enhances the choreography of the culinary journey. During the approximately 2-hour experience, guests are fully immersed through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Patented new development – Floating Chair

The floating chairs, a world-first transportation system, sets the guests and the food in motion. The guests travel in style through the various worlds of delight, choreographed into constantly changing formations.

Eatrenalin Exterior

The floating chairs are a patented new development and a world first from MACK Rides and can be experienced for the first time in Eatrenalin. Each chair consists of almost 2,100 components and weighs 320 kilograms. Guests can individually adjust the height and recline of the chair, enhancing their comfort. The floating chair transportation system comes with low-maintenance and user-friendly system components.

Media technology and storytelling for a deceptively real experience

The media elements are produced by MACK Animation and incorporate the utilization of new LED screens and projections that create a captivating fusion of media technology and film. While dining on the moon, for example, guests are presented with a breathtaking view of Earth. The use of media technology makes it possible to quickly change the rooms thematically.

Eatrenalin Jellyfish

Throughout the experience, hostess Lina, an artificial intelligence, guides guests along their journey with an interactive story, adding an extra layer of immersion. Lina can combine an infinite number of flavors and aromas, allowing guests to experience food like never before. At the end of the experience, she materializes with the help of the guests, allowing her to savor and experience food just as humans do.

Operational technology benefits

Integrated technologies and design make for a harmonious back of house. Food and beverages are highly customizable in advance. The booking process is efficient with prepayment and individual guest information, creating a high degree of predictability.

Guests attend the experience in groups of 16 (10 groups per evening) with a time slot of 27 minutes. These time slots allow for efficient, timed service/kitchen operations.

Making-of Eatrenalin

Watch the ‘Making-of Eatrenalin’ series here

Eatrenalin was awarded Best in Show this year by our judges.


Ride Systems – MACK Rides GmbH & Co. KG
Films – MACK Rides GmbH & Co. KG
Architecture / Design / Decoration – atelier 522
Construction – MACK Solutions
Music – Jan Lepold T-REX CLASSICS GmbH, Hendrik Schwarzer
Lighting / Media – multi-media systeme AG, Walzbachtal
Website development – Netzbewegung GmbH
Corporate Design – Distylerie GmbH

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