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An interactive show control system designed to anonymously, and without wearables, read guests movements, gestures, poses and positions.

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FXMOTION® uses these readings as triggers to operate show equipment for rides, interactive experiences and live performance.

Luminous Show Technology invested heavily in the development of the system over the last 18 months in order to bring a new control technology to the market. It is specifically designed for the attractions industry and aims to enhance guest experiences by enabling more interactive and engaging activities.

Applicability and Use Cases

Pose Triggering
  1. Entertainment Venues: The system can be integrated into ride controls at theme parks, allowing visitors to influence the ride’s movements or interact with props and features of the ride.
  2. Interactive Art: Suitable for art installations that require audience interaction to change visual or auditory outputs.
  3. Live Performances: Can be used to track performers movement, enabling automated interactive elements to be added to performances such as lighting, sound, special effects, or digital content.
  4. Virtual Reality: Augments VR experiences by allowing the user to interact within the virtual space while triggering real world effects such as wind, mist, or vibrations.

Features and Advantages

  1. Pose Recognition: The system uses algorithms to identify users’ skeletal frame and movements and execute predetermined actions. This provides an intuitive, wearable free, user interface allowing visitors to interact in a new way with park elements.
  2. 3D Interaction Zones: Virtual 3D spaces can be created where specific user movements trigger actions, adding another level of interactivity beyond proximity sensors.
  3. Contact-Free Interaction: Users can control objects remotely via gestures, useful for environments where contactless or distance operation is required.
  4. Low Latency: Engineered to ensure real-time responsiveness, crucial for applications where timing and precision are of utmost importance.
  5. Modularity: Designed for scalability, it can be easily extended to meet a wide variety of applications, making it future-proof.
  6. AI Algorithms: Utilises next-generation AI algorithms to ensure accurate and responsive controls.

Business Benefits

3D Zone Triggering

FXMOTION® allows for natural, equipment free interaction, which reduces the learning curve and increases turnover of users.

This also makes it accessible to a diverse audience. It can be integrated into existing systems, providing a way to improve interactivity, which in turn could contribute to customer retention and potentially increase revenue.

Customer Interaction

By utilising natural body movements as the interface, FXMOTION® simplifies the user experience, which may lead to longer visits and repeated business.

Safety Considerations

Contactless Interaction

The system’s contactless nature offers an advantage in settings where hygiene or proximity is a concern, allowing for interaction without physical contact with devices.

FXMOTION® is a reliable and efficient interactive control system that aligns well with the Blooloop Innovation Awards’ focus on inventive and effective solutions for visitor attractions. Its versatile features provide a broad range of use cases, and its design considerations make it a practical choice for businesses aiming to enhance customer engagement.

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