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Sensorium is an out-of-the-box concept that challenges the norms of the drinks industry engaging all your senses through education and entertainment.

As an interactive sensory cocktail experience, Sensorium by The Spirit Circle invites you to explore the drink your subconscious desires through a journey of taste, aroma and perception. This innovative concept redefines the way we experience our favourite drinks by challenging preconceived notions and discovering why you like what you like.

The 2.5-hour adventure begins in the Sensorium Room, where guests are immersed in a world of sensory challenges. To engage the sense of taste, participants are challenged to identify the five distinct pillars of flavour: salt, sweet, bitter, sour and umami. To integrate scientific authenticity into the experience, we collaborated with the University of Ulster’s Food Science Department to develop colourless, odourless taste tinctures for this step of the experience.

A highlight of the experience is uncovering the rare super taster within you – or not – as we unveil unique insights into guests’ tasting abilities. Introducing a version of an olfaction test, we use the Sensorium Aroma Box to challenge guests to identify scents taken from everyday ingredients – often seen as the most challenging part of the experience. It’s a playground for curiosity and a haven for those who seek to expand their understanding of the world of flavours and the connection to our senses.

One of the more surprising elements of Sensorium is its exploration of the relationship between sound and taste. For example, does the sound playing in the background affect how your drink tastes? Challenging your preconceived notions about the interplay between your senses, Sensorium is a concept that makes you think, question and appreciate the complexity of human senses.

The pinnacle of the experience is the revelation of your “Sensorium serve” and your “Emotional cocktail,” two bespoke drinks served on the rooftop garden of our city-centre venue. These cocktails are tailored to your unique preferences and subconscious desires. With over 897 different drink combinations, you’re sure to discover a flavour profile that resonates with you. As a fully inclusive experience, alcohol-free options are integrated into the experience with an emphasis on crafting non-alcoholic options that match the standard of those that do include alcohol.

Concluding the experiment with a twist, guests are presented with our scratch-and-sniff cocktail menu where they choose their drink based on which scent evokes the most nostalgia, therefore selecting a drink that connects with their emotions.

Not just about cocktails and experiments, Sensorium is also a celebration of local spirits. The Spirit Circle is not affiliated with any specific alcohol brands meaning we have the creative freedom to introduce you to a wide range of local beverages. We become unofficial ambassadors for local brands from the island of Ireland, seamlessly integrating them into the Sensorium experience. This unique approach not only supports local businesses but also exposes guests to a wide range of local spirits and flavours that Ireland has to offer.

With over £200K of investment within the project, Sensorium was created to reinvigorate the traditional drinks experiences for customers, as shown in social media attention garnered by the experience. User Generated Content across social media has led to over one million views, showing how much people are engaging with the fun incorporated within the experience.

Sensorium is an out-of-the-box concept that challenges the norms of the drinks industry. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that engages all your senses, educates, and entertains. From sensory experiments to the exploration of sound and celebration of local spirits, Sensorium is a sensory adventure that will leave you not only savouring your drinks but also pondering the intricacies of your own taste buds. It’s a journey that combines science and art, innovation and tradition, creating an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.


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