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Manage leisure venues data-based with the Convious AI-powered platform

The time has come to manage venues in a smart, technology driven way. As a leisure venue it is impossible to survive if technology is not embraced and many venues still make decisions based on gut feeling. Convious’ AI-powered platform empowers venue managers with state-of-the-art technology to make informed decisions based on data without being a technology guru.

Thanks to Convious’ artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform and the Control Panel it is now possible to make informed decisions when it comes to revenue optimization, visitor spread, visitor engagement, personnel planning and more. The platform as well as the AI-engine, which can be explained as ‘the digital heart of the platform’, are exclusively engineered for the leisure industry, making it the perfect fit for leisure venues.

Optimize revenue & visitor spread

Most venues have found themselves with the following conundrum: How can we optimize our capacity limits while maximizing revenue? 

The Convious AI-engine provides venues with insights to optimize venue management. The algorithm within the AI-engine calculates and predicts future visitor behaviour by taking into account weather forecast, holiday plannings, special events & historical data of both the venue as well as the industry.

Based on those factors and the importance of each factor for each specific venue, the system determines real-time the optimal pricing to gain as much revenue as possible. The technology allows venues to offer an incentive for frequent local visitors to visit on slower days, by lowering the prices then, and increasing them for the most popular days, thus generating higher revenue in the days where demand is usually high. Having prices which are not static, but dynamic instead, offers more options to satisfy as many fans as possible, as well as to level-out the crowds more evenly throughout the peak days or weeks.

In case of a crowded day, let’s say a saturday, the AI-engine generated price will be higher, since the engine predicts that the venue will be fully booked, even with higher prices. On a less crowded day, the system will seduce visitors with a lower price. That way venues sell more tickets and increase their revenue. The AI-engine is capable of maximizing revenue for each specific venue.

Reduce costs with optimal personnel planning

Based on different factors like weather forecast, historical data, holiday planning and special events, the AI-algorithm predicts the amount of visitors for the upcoming period on a daily basis and even provides an hourly forecast. Handy, since venue managers can use this information to optimize their personnel planning.

Even more precise is the data that comes from the heat mapping functionality within the venues app, which is connected and controlled via the Convious platform. The data provides venue managers insightful information when it comes to visitor behaviour. Thanks to this information, managers are able to spread their personnel accordingly. If it turns out that at 4 PM the cotton candy selling point is super crowded, it might be interesting to promote the popcorn selling point to reach a better visitor spread, less queuing and happy visitors.

Bring customer engagement to the next level

Since venue managers now have data and insights available, they are able to create a new dimension of customer engagement. Above we mentioned the example of the Cotton Candy shop. That is just one way to create engagement based on data. Because data generated by the AI-powered Convious platform can predict future behaviour, venues can better adapt their experiences and communications and therefore truly engage with their visitors by using personalized messages. Push notifications are a great example. If you know your visitors’ lunchtime, send them an offer with their favorite meal just before. They will love it!

Be in control

The Convious Control panel puts venue managers in the driver seat. Now, venue managers are in control of their data and therefore they can make smarter decisions. Are you a themepark, a zoo, museum or wellness venue? Do you attract locals or tourists? Do you want to optimize ticket sales for maximum revenue, optimal visit spread or maximum ticket sales? Just set it up in the intuïtive control panel! 

The combination of powerful AI-technology and the Control Panel brings more than only pricing strategies. It provides an easy way to create push notifications based on data, create wonder bars and pop-ups on the venues website newsletters and so much more. Within one control panel, venue managers can manage their whole customer journey. Data driven and informed.

In control of data, revenue and visitor engagement

If a venue manager is asked what the AI-powered platform brings him he would most likely summarize it this way: the platform provides us, venue managers, with valuable information we need in order to make good decisions and improve our venue’s performance. 

Based on this information, venue managers are able to:

  • Optimize revenue with advanced pricing strategies
  • Reduce cost with optimal personnel planning
  • Bring customer engagement to the next level
  • Be in control

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